Our 3 Week Guide to Sri Lanka

Why hello there! I suppose you've been wondering what we've been up to over the last 3 weeks? I mean of course we've teased (tortured) you with a few pictures and made you cringe with our hashtagging, the important questions like 'how cheap is Sri Lanka?', 'what's the best way to get around?' and 'how … Continue reading Our 3 Week Guide to Sri Lanka

Train Ride of Dreams, Sri Lanka

As I write this, we are trundling along on a sky blue train which is snaking around endless rolling hills of luscious green tea plantations. This train journey has been dubbed one of the most beautiful in the world and as soon as you set off from the stations between Ella and Kandy in Sri … Continue reading Train Ride of Dreams, Sri Lanka

India: Over and Out

So that's it! We're out of India! As I write this, we are cooling off in our budget hotel room in Sri Lanka (already loving this new country), and have had time to reflect on what we've seen, experienced and spent over the last 5 and a half weeks in India. Even during the more … Continue reading India: Over and Out

8 of Goa’s Best Beaches

... According to us. First and foremost - MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope it was filled with fun and frivolity and it's still acceptable to say that. Maybe Happy New Year is more appropriate? We have had a very challenging week and a half indeed. The sun has been shining every single day, alcohol and … Continue reading 8 of Goa’s Best Beaches

48 Hours in The Golden City

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnEsNKQoUJ8   If, like us, the sole reason you’ve gone to Jaisalmer is for a camel trek in the desert then chances are that you’ll only be planning to stay for a short amount of time (unless you’re more hardcore and are trekking for more than 24 hours!). With this in mind, here’s a 48 … Continue reading 48 Hours in The Golden City

Some Do’s and Don’ts for India

Namaste! While we sit here in Pushkar killing some time before an overnight bus to Jaisalmer, we've been reflecting on the last couple of weeks and what we've learnt against what we were expecting. Now, I am by no means claiming to be a nomad or professional 'traveller' (my newly bargained travel pants are for … Continue reading Some Do’s and Don’ts for India

Jaipur – An Indian Wedding!

One more journey, another early start and a couple of sicks later and we arrived at our 5th stop in India; Jaipur. As soon as we left the station we immediately felt much more positive about Jaipur than any of the cities so far. Firstly, the just the air in Jaipur seemed slightly cleaner and … Continue reading Jaipur – An Indian Wedding!

Agra…25 hours later

Disclaimer - late again, currently in Jaipur! Get ready for a quick catch up... Things rather went quite quickly downhill after the last blog was posted. It was written while we waited for a lift via tuk-tuk to the station at Varanasi where we had a train booked at 6.15pm to take us to Agra, … Continue reading Agra…25 hours later


Following quickly on from the latest blog, we arrived at a station just outside Varanasi at around 10am. My first experience of a sleeper train wasn't bad! We were in a carriage which had air conditioning and a 3-tier bunk bed, so it wasn't exactly spacious but I didn't feel like I had strangers breathing … Continue reading Varanasi

First stop, Delhi

Disclaimer - we're actually in Varanasi now, delayed posting due to long train journey and absent wifi.  We touched down in Delhi after a smooth flight at around 11.15 India time with a rough total of 7 hours sleep between us (guess who enjoyed most of them)... Contrary to the belief of the check-in staff … Continue reading First stop, Delhi