Indecent Exposure (Life Drawing: Review)

*WARNING: This blog contains adult themes and scenes of nudity*

That got your attention didn’t it, you dirty dogs!

No – it wasn’t me and yes – it was legal.

This week, in true date night review fashion, one of my (single!) male housemates and I ventured out to try something that was a little bit different. A little bit out there.

In all honesty, it was mainly just a little bit…out…

Life Drawing

What: A Life Drawing Class

Where: The Prince, Stoke Newington

When: Tuesdays (8pm-10pm), Thursdays (7.30pm-9.30pm)

How Much? £5 (all materials included!)

Get it?! Hilarious I know.

It might not be the most conventional date idea but who wants conventional these days?

Neither Olly (aforementioned single housemate, please contact for details) or I had even picked up a pencil since the days of GCSE art so were somewhat apprehensive about what the class would actually entail or how good we had to be to take part.

However, after reading some great reviews on the Facebook Page and asking Dan (the teacher) some initial questions, we were reassured enough to buy a pint at the pub and head on upstairs to a private room where the class was held.

We shuffled awkwardly in and joined the ranks of the 30-strong-much-better-than-us-artists set in a semi-circle, all facing Barry, our model who was clothed at the time. Once we had each collected paper and a little pot of pencils, pens, charcoals etc., the class began.

Suddenly Barry was naked. Classic Barry.

Image uploaded from iOS (22)
This is Barry’s right leg. Promise.

It’s a strange feeling having to tell your brain that looking at someone naked was literally the reason we were all there. It was weird trying not to catch Olly in the corner of my eye and giggle and it was bizarre to not avert my eyes from Barry’s exposed… physical form.

Straight away though, Dan put the room at ease and addressed any discomfort that us newbies were experiencing. He was fun and charismatic and led an engaging commentary throughout a series of short exercises that got us to visualise Barry in different ways and try out different techniques.

There was a break half way through which gave time for a quick debrief downstairs before heading back for a longer exercise where we focused on Barry’s portrait, whilst listening to a great upbeat playlist from Dan.

The combination of Barry’s bottom, music and guidance from Dan made the evening fly by, and before we knew it, we were clutching around 15 sketches each.

There was an opportunity to share your drawings with the class, but upon seeing the standard of the portraits below, we decided to keep our gallery private until we got home…

Live Drawing - The Date Night Review
Life Drawing - The Date Night Review
Ours…….. (excuse the multiple bottles of champagne & prosecco, can’t help being a legend)

Overall, I cannot recommend life drawing as a date enough. Friend date or first date, whether you’re artistically talented or not, you’ll come away with some new skills, a lot of laughs and at the very least, something to talk to each other about afterwards!



If Stoke Newington is a bit far away, Dan also hosts classes at The Exhibit, Village Underground, The Wallace Collection and Carousel as well as private classes. Find out more about him and his work here. Thanks, Dan! We’ll be back 🙂


  1. Ahhh this is amazing, my previous life drawing class moved and been looking for a new one to try out and this is perfect. Thank you so much for the info you ruddy ledge 🌟😊🌟

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