Secret Cinema: Review – Spectacular, Spectacular!

No words in the vernacular
Can describe this great event
You’ll be dumb with wonderment!

If you were singing the above in your head rather than trying to work out why poetry has been introduced to The Date Night Review (although not a bad idea), then I think  KNOW that you’ll love this date night – but you’ll have to be quick! It ends on the 8th June!

Gather your gal pals and pull up your fishnets, you’re going to…

Moulin Rouge!


What: Secret Cinema present Moulin Rouge!

Where: Secret location

When: Extended until June 8th (dates here)

How much? £49 – £150 depending on ticket type and day of the week

The night is hosted the hugely talented creatives behind the cinematic/theatrical masterpiece that is Secret Cinema. For those of you that haven’t heard of Secret Cinema, they are a group of storytellers, inventors, place-makers, entrepreneurs, explorers and above all film fanatics that use their passions to put on an immersive experience like no other.

Varying in the scale of production, Secret Cinema breaks down barriers between performers and guests, set and staff and above all, bring their films to life. Literally. Previous productions include Dirty Dancing, Star Wars and Back to The Future:

Back to the review….

Upon receiving your ticket to Baz Luhrmann’s oscar nominated film, Secret Cinema requests you not to reveal any details of the show (which is tricky for a review), although I wouldn’t do it justice even if I tried.

I can, however, confirm that this multisensory experience was phenomenal. The detail that the company put in to produce the night was impeccable and the effort to which everyone went to their costumes (actors and audience alike) was mind blowing to the extent that you completely forget about the modern day outside.

No pictures can be taken inside the venue (closest station announced to ticket holders only) but being without a phone only adds to the believability of where you find yourself. A tip that was given to me that I absolutely agree with is to speak to people. Get stuck in. Play along. You won’t regret it!

As for the film, you needn’t be on my level of Moulin Rouge obsessed to appreciate the atmosphere from the crowd and the surprises that unfold. Wherever you are in the room (depends on your ticket tier), you’re in for a treat before, during and after the screening.

On that note, it’s also worth sticking around after the film because the party doesn’t end with the credits (although it did for us after a few too many bubbles).

The only downside to getting into the spirit of 1899 Paris, is that it comes hand in hand with alcoholic beverages, which are expensive (£40 a bottle of prosecco). Tickets themselves also start at £49 (creatures of the underworld) and go all the way up to £150 (Aristocrats) depending on the day of the week you go…

But trust me, it’s totally worth it!

So, aside from freedom, beauty, truth and love – why get tickets to Secret Cinema’s Moulin Rouge?

Because you can can can! 💃🏼



Buy tickets here


Get involved – dress up, you won’t feel silly when you’re there

Talk to people – you never know who might show you more secrets

Get there early – it’s not just about the film


Creatures of the Underworld
Always can-can responsibly

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