Roof East: Review


The sun is shining, the skies are blue and it’s only another bloody bank holiday!

But where shall I go to celebrate these exciting times I hear you ask?

Well, as you gaze longingly at the clock, watching the little hand tick ever nearer to the number 5 (let’s not talk about the people who have ‘summer hours’), allow me to paint you a picture.

It’s a picture of a colourful and vibrant rooftop bar, where the background music eases you into the weekend spirit while you sip cocktails in deckchairs and play crazy golf to your heart’s content.

In a land far, far away in the distant realms of Stratford, lies the summery oasis that is…

Roof East

What: Rooftop bar(s) / event space with games run by Social Fun and Games Club

Where: Opposite Stratford Station, top floor of multi-storey car park

When: Sat – Sun/ May – End of Summer / 5-11pm weekdays, 11.45am-11pm weekends (over 18s only after 5pm)

How Much? Free to visit, Drinks: £4-12, Food: £5-14, Games: £6-12

That’s right, Roof East has opened its doors once more for the summer season with even more activities to make the most of.

Due to its location, Roof East is perhaps not as well known as its more central rooftop rivals, but despite many peoples’ preconceptions, Stratford is actually very well connected and the venue is literally opposite the station.

Just inside the entrance to its multi storey car park home, the lift carries you up to the 8th floor where you step out onto an astroturfed/tarmac expanse centred around a number of deck chairs, benches and randomly placed cars featuring decorative foliage.

There are a number of pop-up food stalls and bars around the outside of this area (the main of which is undercover) serving a range of street food-esque meals and cocktails to devour whilst you appreciate the views and wonder whether you’d have the balls to go down the ArcellorMittal slide.

The main attraction of Roof East however, is the number of social activities you can enjoy whilst you bask the current heatwave.

Hosted by the clever people behind Rooftop Film Club, Social Fun and Games Club has put on quite a spread of sports to entertain you on your date this summer – and for a reasonable price!

Activities include Roller Disco (Rooftop Rollers), Batting Cages (Sluggers), Urban Bowls (De La Bowl), Crazy Golf (Birdies) and of course a Rooftop Film Club screen. Tickets can be booked online or at the box office on the day – ask the staff to direct you.

Much to my delight, there are also more adhoc activities like table tennis and giant Jenga on some of the benches – perfect icebreaker for first dates, equally engaging for not-so-first-dates.

So go on,  hop on the trusty Jubilee line to Roof East in Stratford and start the bank holiday as you mean to go on – drinks in hand, catching some rays and having a right old knees-up!

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✓ Relaxed ambiance

✓ Great views of London

✓ Entertainment / Competitive fun

✓ Good for big parties – lots of space

✓ Also host Yoga AND during the winter there is Curling and Karaoke!

✘ Room for more deck chairs – lots of space to fill

✘ While easy enough to get to – it can take a while depending on where you’re coming from or going to next.

☆ 8/10 ☆

Great rooftop bar with a very relaxed atmosphere and lots of space for larger groups. While the location may be more difficult for some, the range of entertainment on offer is a huge draw and it’s a perfect location to enjoy the sun setting over London.


  1. Loving your work! My girlfriend took me here last year for my birthday when it was just Birdies golf, hot dogs and meantime drinks, we plan to go back this year now there is more there.

    Have you looked into Swingers and Junkyard Golf? both great date activity ideas, maybe worth a comparison?


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