Giant Robot: Review

Deep in the depths of Canary Wharf, lies the huge metallic sculpture of Crossrail Place which now houses the newest addition to Street Feast‘s portfolio. Back-to-back with The Big Easy, this ‘rooftopia’ is aptly named for its futuristic exterior as…

Giant Robot

Street Feast

What: Rooftop bars and Streetfood Vendors

Where: Canary Wharf

When: Open 7 days a week: Mon – Wed 11am-10pm / Thur – Sat 11am-1am / Sun 11am-10pm

How much? Free entry, £4+ for food and drink

Giant Robot

While you may not have heard of Giant Robot until now, it’s likely that you’ll have had a night or two in one of its siblings without realising. Dinerama (Shoreditch), Hawker House (Canada Water) and Model Market (Lewisham) have been around for a couple of years now and are some of the largest licensed venues in London, run by street food pioneers, Street Feast.

Street Feast is known for turning huge, disused spaces into open and vibrant social establishments, setting up a number of bars and bringing together on-the-go food from across the globe. It’s messy, it’s fun, it’s delicious.

Giant Robot is the latest to join the ranks and offers the suited and booted of Canary Wharf the chance to let their hair down without having to set foot in hipster hovel of East London. Being open 7 days a week is an added benefit on top of the views and a wide selection of small plates from different vendors. Talk about a top lunch date!

In terms of what you can expect to eat, there’s currently less choice than at the other venues in the portfolio but still a good mix that will continue to grow in numbers and variety. At the moment, you’ll find names like Yum Bun (Steamed Buns), Little José (Tapas), Thunderbird (BBQ chicken varieties), Bob’s Lobster (Lobster treats) and Yumplings (dumplings) – it’s certainly enough to get your mouth watering.

As for the drink selection, well this is much more impressive. Giant Robot’s container bar boasts a vast selection of draft beers and cans (38 to be precise and Father’s Day is coming up) while the Island Bar offers a carefully curated menu of cocktails whilst showcasing 360° views of the area and city.

There are only a couple of things holding the Robot back, and that’s the location, the price of food if you’re particularly hungry and the fact that you may struggle to find a seat depending on when you visit, but hey – others may say that just demonstrates how popular it already is and what a great atmosphere it provides!

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