London Lates Special

Happy Geek Pride Day! 

Only joking. That was on the 25th May 2017. Duh. 

Nerd Alert.gif

However, for all those nerdy couples out there with a lust to learn here’s another reason to celebrate! 

London has introduced something really special to some of its most famous attractions over recent months and will continue to do so into the near future (I’m sure there’s a ‘Back To The Future’ joke in there somewhere). 

Imagine how much fun a trip to a museum was when you were at school. Now imagine the same thing, except that you’re an adult and you can drink alcohol as you wander around with your friends and/or lover at night…

Allow me to introduce you to Museum Lates, which gives you the freedom to get your cultural fix without endless queues and screaming children.

Whilst there are a fair few museums and venues that have cottoned onto this killer combo, below are a selection of the best tried and tested (in our opinion). Throw a little culture into your next date and head to…

Science Museum Lates


What: Adult only hours at the Science Museum 

Where: Science Museum, Kensington

When: Last Wednesday of the Month

How Much: FREE (£4 for WonderLAB and Robot exhibition entry)

The Science Museum is essentially a really large box of cool stuff. I mean, I’m paraphrasing. However, the vast collections of scientific, technological and medical achievements from across the globe, were enough to keep my attention all evening!

On the last Wednesday of every month, The Science Museum opens its doors to adults only, adopting a different after-hours theme at each event and entertaining you with live music, themed workshops and an increasingly popular silent disco. 

Last week, in collaboration with London Pride, we visited their ‘Sexuality’ themed night where we were able to attend a huge choice of relevant talks such as ‘Sex in the Animal Kingdom’ and ‘Out of The Closet’. Through a series of different activities which were mostly free, you were encouraged to ‘think’ about and ‘experience’ the evenings’ themes whilst meandering through the museum with a drink in hand.  

As for food, the cafes are reopened for the night and the Shake Bar upstairs serves alcoholic milkshakes – highly recommended. 

Speaking of food…

Fun Fact: Avocados are an aphrodisiac – does this explain our generations’ obsession for Avo?! 

So go on, for your next date night have some adult themed interactive fun and take a Peake at Tim’s spacecraft – it might not be the only thing to have lift off!

UP NEXT: Conflict, Casualties and Carelooking at treatment on the battlefield during WWI as well as today, the effects of ‘shell shock’ and the development of prosthetics

Natural History Museum Lates


What: After hours at The Natural History Museum

Where: Kensington

When: Last Friday of every month

How Much: FREE 

Similarly to The Science Museum, you and your date can enjoy a night of grown up fun at The Natural History Museum on the last Friday of every month for free! Next dates are listed below:

  • 28 July – Whales: Beneath the Surface
  • 25 August – Wild City: Creatures of the night
  • 29 September – Science Uncovered, our annual festival of science

Although there are also a few additional themed nights which are ticketed (£60) and need to be booked in advance, for example, ‘Crime Scene Live‘ – an after-hours murder mystery.

The museum itself holds 80 million life, earth and scientific findings including that of Dippy the famous Diplodocus in the entrance, who’s being replaced soon by a blue whale skeleton so don’t leave it too late to visit, or you’ll miss seeing his giant bone…s.

Again, in terms of food and drink, you are looked after. There are bars open in The North Hall and in the Fossil Marine Reptiles gallery and on some occasions the museum hosts a behind the scenes of the Zoology department’s spirit collection (of preserved animals – less sexy) (Tickets: £10).

If you want to get up close and personal with a range of specimens, make sure you get there early, because the scientists and guest speakers start from 7 pm.

ZSL London Zoo Nights

Zoo Nights banner

What: After hours at ZSL London Zoo

Where: Camden / Regents Park

When: June – July 

How Much: £17.50 / £15 a ticket (Book here, 2 nights left!)

Fun Fact: Winnie The Pooh was named after a Canadian black bear called Winnie who befriended A. A Milne’s son, Christopher Robin Milne, during his time at ZSL London Zoo.

If you think history might be a bit of a buzzkill on your date regardless of the time of day you have it, then ZSL London Zoo’s lates might be the one.

The zoo becomes a kids free zone and is lit up at night with a florecent theme (complete with animal lanterns) and you’ll find live music, performers and street food vendors scattered throughout.

As it’s an 18+ evening you can learn about the birds and the bees through a series of fascinating, adult-themed talks and take part in a variety of games, photo ops and the one and only Zooinversity Challenge which will test your general knowledge of the animal Kingdom.

Then of course, there’s the animals themselves – get ready to flirt with the fruit bats, gaze at the Gorillas and even lie with the lions! (No, seriously, you can book to stay overnight in a lodge just next door! See here for more info).

Tickets are selling out fast and with only two nights left – you had better book asap!

Next events:

  • Friday 7th July
  • Friday 14th July


Sea Life After Dark


What: After hours at ZSL London Zoo

Where: Camden / Regents Park

When: 9th SeptemberDoors open: 6.45pm / Last admission: 9pm / Event ends: 10.30pm

How Much: £29 (Book here)


If you’re willing to dive a little deeper into your bank account and are confident that you’ll still be sharking in September, then save the 9th in your diary and book to go along to Sea Life’s After Dark event.

The cost might be slightly more expensive than other London Lates but by splashing out you can get yourself a glass of bubbly on your way in before getting friendly with the fishies. The bar itself is relatively cheap by all accounts at a reasonable £4+ making your trip over Shark Walk even more rewarding – although remember it’s cash only!

Sea Life After Dark is fully staffed with knowledgeable advisors ready to tell you all about the big blue and show you their mussels. The only downside is that, sadly, penguins sleep at night so don’t expect to see your favourite bird waddling about (and I’m not talking about your date).

Given that there’s only one date in the diary available, I’d recommend taking the bait and going down under to get a little wet on this date. (Sorry, too many puns available)

National Gallery Late Shift


What: After hours at The National Gallery

Where: Trafalgar Square

When: Friday Nights

How Much: FREE (donation optional)

Last but not least, here’s one for the creatives out there!

The National Gallery welcomes you to join them (for free!) every Friday night for a romantic evening of artistic appreciation.

Similarly to the other lates of London, there are plenty of interesting activities to get stuck into including life drawing classes (see my other experience of this here), gallery tours and lectures.

There’s also a range of live music throughout (check out the upcoming artists here), you can unwind with a cocktail from the Late Shift Bar and enjoy the DJs as you explore the Gallery and engage in discussions if the conversation with your date runs dry.

There are of course, plenty of other venues adhering to your date night needs, including V&A Museum, Dulwich Picture Gallery and the British Library.

Now go, get your geek on and relive the excitement of a school trip to London…



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