S***faced Shakespeare

Drunk? and speak parrot? and squabble? swagger? swear?

Othello: Act 2, Scene 3

Have you ever been to a play and one of the cast members has forgotten their lines?

Have you ever been to a play when a cast member forgets their cue?

Have you ever been to a play where a cast member has forgotten what play they’re doing because they’ve been so drunk?

I didn’t think so.

This is Shakespeare with a difference. This is…

S***faced Shakespeare

Shit-faced Shakespeare

What: A group of actors putting on a range of classic Shakespeare plays in the UK and beyond featuring an entirely shitfaced intoxicated cast member throughout

Where: Currently playing ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (Leicester Square Theater) and ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (Udderbelly Festival) in London, but they also tour and are heading to the York Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival too!

When: London: July – September / York: 28th – 31st July / Edinburgh: 2nd – 28th Aug

How Much? Much Ado About Nothing (£19.50, tickets here)

TIME OUT OFFER HERE (available until 17th!)

For some people, I imagine the word Shakespeare induces an immediate disinterest accompanied by the occasional eye roll. However I would bet some money, that even just by adding ‘s***faced’ in front of the name sparks some level of intrigue…

This is exactly what S***faced Shakespeare has set out to do. To introduce a new generation of theatre-goers to The Bard’s work by honing in on the fact that in the modern day, people like to drink (and also that watching drunk people is a hilarious spectators sport).

In terms of what’s involved, well, it’s exactly as it says on the tin. A group of actors attempt to put on one of Shakespeare’s classics while one member of the cast is completely inebriated. And that’s putting it lightly!

Mind. Blown.

You and your date will be welcomed and introduced to the premise of the evening by the Narrator before the play starts, who’s role it is to keep the play moving to the best of their ability despite any hindrances thrown up (actually a real possibility) by the plastered performer.

Before bringing on the drunken lead (which rotates if the play is on for a longer period of time to allow for recovery), the Narrator shows the audience exactly how much has been consumed over what time period. Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot and it won’t be the last of it throughout the night.

After this, curtains open and from then on, you literally have no idea what will happen next but rest assured, whether words are forgotten, costume falls down or leading ladies pass out – the show will go on! Watch the carnage ensue while the actors attempt to carry the story (and possibly their cast member) through until the end.

While you might think you have a sound knowledge of Shakespeare, you really won’t have seen anything like this and I highly recommend this trip to the theatre.

And if you really, really don’t like Shakespeare of any kind even with a drunk person to laugh at, unlike most nights out, you are not responsible for said person and on this occasion you can literally get up and leave them to fend for themselves without worrying that they’ll get into trouble (but don’t because leaving half way through is rude. Grab a tequila from the bar instead!).  


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