The Ivy, Tower Bridge

Here it is! Part two to the Tower Bridge double whammy. A glass of wine down (and counting) too so who knows how this will go!

So, once our brains were full of historical knowledge and an understanding of bridge building, our date continued. However, by this point the heavens had opened – it was late July in England afterall – so we let our stomachs lead the way to the nearest shelter, which happened to be The Ivy, Tower Bridge.

On any other occasion, I would opt for reading the framed menu on the outside of a restaurant before committing to a table, but the rain rather forced us inside where we were met at the reception by well presented and friendly staff who took us straight to a table for 2.

Upon sitting down, I learnt 2 things – firstly, that The Ivy, Tower Bridge is actually far more reasonably priced than I had expected (think gastropub prices), and secondly, that ‘brunch’ is definitely no longer limited to that awkward time between breakfast and lunch.

I can confirm that even though it was 3 p.m., our Eggs Benedict served with watercress and thick cut chips went down a treat, to the extent that I really think that chips should come with every Eggs Benedict, ever. As the decision to stop for some food was fairly spontaneous, we weren’t very adventurous with our choices, but everything on the menu looked delicious and again, wasn’t outrageous price-wise:


The Ivy, Tower Bridge Menu


The location of the restaurant is also pretty ideal, being only about a 10 minute walk to London Bridge, and being nestled beneath Tower Bridge with lovely views of the Thames. Just further along from the restaurant is also ‘The Scoop‘ where you can watch performances in the outside amphitheatre as you let your food go down!

On a tangent, the London Riviera pop up is also running in that area until August 31st showing a range of entertainment and a variety of food and drink, so if you do visit The Ivy when the weather is sunnier than it was for us – you should definitely swing by.

Back to The Ivy; we chose to sit outside which although the weather was dreary, was warm enough even without the branded green blankets draped over the chairs. However, I did have a little nosey around the restaurant inside and the decor and interior really is beautiful.

With a Great Gatsby-esque design, the venue curves around with slightly different themes in each section with a glorious high ceilinged bar towards the back. I realised on my way out that there’s ‘no pictures’ policy, but as I only realised this after I’d enjoyed my stay, I’ve included just a couple of snaps.

By all accounts, this new addition to The Ivy Collection is the best yet – beating the far more well-known sister restaurant in Covent Garden. Even with some minor teething problems reported by other reviews, you’d be wise to book here because it will undoubtedly fill up from now.

I would highly recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a date with touch of class as it comes with guaranteed great food and a lovely location. We will be back!

PS: If you’ve been to the other venues, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how they compare!

PPS: While I’m signed up to a gazillion newsletters that give me the low down of the hottest new venues opening, it was Cold Coffee Style that reminded me at a convenient time – thank you! We loved it! 🙂



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