Something a little further afield

To set your expectations early, this one’s a little different – but it’s been nearly 2 weeks since the last review and I know you must all be experiencing nausea and wistfulness associated with Date Night Review withdrawal, so here’s your medicine.

For one reason or another, there haven’t been many date nights fitted in recently. These reasons being partly financial, mostly due to tearing my ACL playing netball and being unable to walk like a normal human for a few weeks.

Thankfully, we had a little holiday (let’s call it a ‘holidate‘ for the sake of the blog) to Jersey booked and ready to lift my spirits and give us a bit of R&R with the family.

But rather than spending time telling you how wonderful the annual Battle of Flowers is and how beautiful Jersey’s cliff path walks and beaches are (this is channel islands we’re talking about, not New Jersey, USA) I thought this time I would show you…



Battle of Flowers 2017
The Winning Float – St Clement
Battle Bee 2017
Enjoying the confetti
Mysterious sea lettuce covering St Aubins
What a dish
View from The Boat House, St Aubins
Walking on Les Landes
Meg enjoying the view
Cliff path walks


BEST VIEW! St. Ouen’s Bay
Big Vern’s in the evening
Mr Whippy on St Brelades


“West is Best”



….If you’ve made it this far, then you’re obviously sold and might as well buy your tickets now! Conveniently, tickets from London airports are usually around £100-£150 if you book well enough in advance which aint bad for a weekend of dreams I’d say!

The country roads in Jersey are easy to navigate (the island itself is only 9 x 5 miles long) and as well as the scenery, beaches and arguably better weather (usually more in line with the France) than the mainland the island also comes with heaps of history having been occupied during WWII.

This is my home from home and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life ❤



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