The Pottery Cafe

Guess who’s baaack!

After a couple of weeks off, I’m pleased to say that I’m back in the date night review game with a reconstructed knee and a handful of strong painkillers. 

This time, we ventured down to the land of yummy mummies and handbag sized dogs which is otherwise known as Northcote Road, Clapham Junction. 

It seems a requirement to be young, successful and beautiful to reside in this area of London, so naturally, the girls and I fitted right in (💁as we strolled along the street to… 

The Pottery Cafe


lo-18981Growing up, it was a birthday treat for myself and my other teenie bopper pals to visit The Pottery Cafe in Winchester, where we’d gossip about first kisses and new crushes while we therapeutically painted the handles of mugs to give to our Mothers. 

Well, turns out, the same sort of thing happens when you’re 25 and visit the Pottery Cafe, except that the gossip is much more X-rated (sorry, Mum) and the works of art created are 100x more magnificent in my opinion. 

As you’d expect, we arrived at the cafe suitably hungover, so the first thing we did was order a big slice of cake and a coffee to settle the shakes and calm the nostalgic excitement. 

lo-1988To paint a picture, if you will, you can book a 2-hour slot at the Battersea venue for £6.99 per person. You then choose your preferred item of pottery from the shelves which will be an additional cost. To save you feeling mugged off, you can have a look at the website here to see what’s on offer and within budget. 

Once you’re settled at your table (I recommend booking in advance – especially at weekends), one of the members of staff will tell you about the paints and demonstrate the change in colour after the pottery has been through the kiln. You’re given a palette and some paintbrushes and choice over the many sponge stamps they have available. 

A couple of tips:

  • You can sand away mistakes – vital knowledge if your hands were as wobbly as mine
  • You might have a lot on your plate but less is more – don’t overpopulate/complicate your pottery!
  • Be aware that some shades need 3-5 layers to come out bright – something to bear in mind when picking your colours!

It dawned on us whilst our creative juices flowed over cups of tea and cake, that even though you might assume that painting plates is for kids, we were not the only adults in there. In fact, the ratio of children to grown ups massively favoured the elders, justifying The Pottery Cafe even more as an acceptable date, for friends and/or lovers.  

There’s a slight inconvenience around the fact that it takes around a week for the pottery to be ready for collection, but hey – it’s an excuse for a second date, right?

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