Immersive Dates

It’s here!

The most anticipated event of the year is upon us. A time of celebrations and endless love. Some call it the week of dreams, others call it…my birthday week.

That’s right, JESSTIVAL 2017 started on Monday and takes us all the way through to the weekend where there’ll ever so much drinking and dancing.

In the meantime however, to mark the occasion, I will leave you with this comprehensive list of immersive dates in London – you know, the ones that you can really get stuck into.

It contains the weird and the wonderful, and the down right daft so if you’re looking to treat your date to a surprise that even you don’t know much about, try these before they finish!

Alcatraz Pop-Up


  • What: London’s First Prison Cocktail Bar
  • Where: East London, of course – 212 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL
  • When: September 28th – December 17th, 2017
  • How Much? £30 pp (BOOK HERE)

Ever found yourself in a cell after drinking too much? Hopefully not, but this new cocktail bar is here to give you a sneak peak of life on the inside.

Alcatraz is opening at the end of September until the end of the year and mimics America’s most famous high-security prison, only with less violence and more alcohol. It is a prison mind you, so don’t expect to be served delicious cocktails without a price and that price is £30 a ticket and an hour and 45min sentence.

Upon arrival, prepare to don your orange jumpsuit, smuggle in your ingredients (it’s BYOB) and be directed to your own cell, where an expert mixologist will cook you up a storm using your own contraband (which is equal to 4 cocktails).

A Banquet at Toad Hall


  • What: Immersive Supper Club from The Literacy Hour: Wind in The Willows
  • Where: North London –> Feest at The Greenhouse N16
  • When: September – 19:00-22:30 (except for Sunday when we’ll begin at 18:00
  • How Much? £53+ pp (BOOK HERE)

The Literacy Hour run a series of supper clubs based on picnics and banquets found in the old classics, with the current event being based on Toad, Badger, Ratty and co. from Wind in The Willows.

Other nights in the past include Sherlock Holmes and The Scandalous Supper Club, A Feast in Narnia and Cider with Rosie.

There are not many tickets left for this event having run throughout the summer, but it’s certainly not one to miss. You can expect a 5-course meal decorated and themed around the book and another night of BYOB. Plus if your own date gets boring, you’ll be sat with a range of other guests to befriend over the riverbank!

Gingerline: Juniper Manor

Juniper Manor

  • What: Collaboration between Gingerline and Sipsmith Gin – immersive dinner & drinks taking place in a number of rooms
  • Where: Secret Location (on the overground)
  • When: Tickets still available in November & December
  • How Much? £52/72pp depending on time and date (BOOK HERE)

From the creators of Chambers of Flavour (which you MUST go to when more tickets come out), over the summer Gingerline introduced their new gin infused collaboration with Sipsmith Gin.

Held at a secret location (somewhere along the overground), Juniper Manor offers two types of tickets: drinks only or dinner – both of which are still available on some dates in November and December 2017.

With Gingerline, you should expect the unexpected as they do everything they can to keep the surprises a secret from social media and beyond. What you can guarantee is a 4-course meal matched with the perfect tipple, each with a very different dining experience. It’s been a hugely popular event and WILL sell out, so make sure you book your trip to the manor asap!

Ivory Vaults

Ivory Vaults

  • What: Themed Dinners throughout the year
  • Where: Ivory Vaults, St. Katherine’s Docks, Tower Bridge
  • When: All year round! (Also available for corporate parties)
  • How Much? £50 ish pp (BOOK HERE)

This is the kind of dinner date you should go to if you like dressing up, being loud, dancing, eating and being merry (and a little bit tacky).

Ivory Vaults offers an energetic range of themed evenings for Londoners from Medieval Banquets to Masquerade Balls or from Vikings to Alice in Wonderland (depending on the time of year).

These nights let you get stuck into a 4-course meal with up to 450 other people in this underground venue, whilst you’re served and entertained by relevant characters within your set theme. I would say that given the size and layout of the space, this should be saved for occasions when you can bring a big group of you along to get silly and dance on tables – literally.

Breaking Bad Cocktail Bar


  • What: Themed Cocktail Bar run by ABQ
  • Where: Cambridge Heath / Bethnal Green
  • When: On now! Available in 2 hours time slots
  • How Much? £30 ish pp (BOOK HERE)

A cocktail bar with a difference. If you can cast your mind back to the days of Jesse and Walter White cooking crystal meth in the desert (not giving anything away here), you’ll remember that they started out their business in something other than your bog standard laboratory…

Well, ABQ have bought one of these to London and kitted it out with all the necessary equipment you need to create some of the most delicious cocktails, including a yellow overall each (safety first).

Tickets get you 3 drinks (unless you want to buy more) and plenty of opportunity for some sexy scientist snaps. For more information, please see my previous blog here!

Ice Bar London


  • What: Permanent bar made of ice!
  • Where: Mayfair
  • When: On now! Available in 40 minute timeslots in the bar
  • How Much? £12+ pp (BOOK HERE)

Winter is coming, but in this bar in London, it’s a whole other level of cold.

Every year, the Icebar is transformed into an ice palace, with different themed sculptures made out of crystal clear ice harvested especially from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden.

The bar is found in Mayfair and is set at -5° temperatures, but don’t worry – rather than becoming an icicle yourself, you’re provided with cute matching thermal capes and mittens for you and your date to snuggle down into. A spirit based cocktail is included in your standard ticket but if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can upgrade to Champagne.

Once the novelty (or your nuts) have frozen off, you can get more drinks from the bar upstairs or food from the restaurant.

Crystal Maze


  • What: Real Life Game based on the 90’s TV show
  • Where: Angel
  • When:
  • How Much? £12+ pp (BOOK HERE)

Ok so this isn’t necessarily a ‘date’ – but that’s the point of this blog right? Dates don’t have to be romantic – and I would guess that this one would definitely sap the romance out once your competitive edge comes out!

Based on the 90’s TV show, the Crystal maze will test yours and your friends skill, mental and physical ability across 4 zones, led by a game master. The idea, like on the show, is to collect a crystal at each zone for more time in the final stage, The Crystal Dome. Here, you must work together to catch as many golden tickets as possible!

Only thing is, because of its popularity, you might have to book a few months in advance or an awkward start time during the day! But if you’re looking for something other than an escape room activity for a birthday for example, this will be worth it.

Other Ideas…

And if the above doesn’t fill you with inspiration, here are a couple of extras!

  • Faulty Towers dining experience – HERE
  • Escape Rooms – HERE
  • Beauty & The Feast @ The Vaults, Waterloo – HERE
  • Dining in the Dark @ Dans Le Noir – HERE
  • Immersive Theatre – ‘How to Solve a Problem like Murder’ @ Kensal RiseHERE





  1. Wow Jess, you’ve outdone yourself with this lot. I hope people are appreciating all your research. I’d like to do some of these.

    Love you




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