My Top Live Music Venues

As anyone who knows me will know, I have an eclectic choice in music. Some would argue that when I say eclectic, I mean sh*t. But you know, each to their own.

My playlist might jump from Disney to deep house, and I may choose which headline act at Glastonbury to go to according to how many lyrics I know, but perhaps because of this indifference, I generally appreciate all live music.

So, while I struggle to tell genres apart and have noticed that I’ve started referring to tunes on radio 1 as ‘noise’, I thought I’d write a blog on just a small selection of the best places in London where I’ve kicked back and faced the music…

Kensington Roof Gardens


  • What: Rooftop Bar and Gardens
  • Where: Kensington, funnily enough
  • When: All year round, but particularly good in the summer!
  • How Much? £10+ for a drink
  • Website Here

The Roof Gardens are not the cheapest gardens you can visit around London, there are no two ways about it. However, where else in London (apart from the zoo) can you find Flamingos roaming around while you sip a fancy cocktail and appreciate live music?

“LIVE! at The Roof Gardens Presents” is the venue’s regular music night, which runs throughout the year and showcases a range of artists. For instance, this October, there’s music from ‘Anna Pancaldi’ (no I don’t know who she is) on the 14th and ‘A night of Marvin Gaye’ on the 21st.

From experience – keep an eye out for what’s on in the summer months when you can relax outside in the sunshine too!

Piano Bar Soho

Piano bar soho.jpeg

  • What: Private Members Piano/Jazz Bar
  • Where: Soho
  • When: All year round
  • How Much? £9+ for a cocktail, £5+ tickets (Annual membership: £20)
  • Website Here

This was one of our more sophisticated dates, after discovering that you can currently get tickets for only a fiver! (ONLY UNTIL 12th OCT, on FeverUp)

We went along on a Friday night, which meant that the small venue was at capacity when we got there so there was a one-in-one-out policy, but this made it all the more intimate when we got in.

The jazz artists play in the main room, where there is a limited number of seating around them with the size of the room working well for the acoustics of the music. However, if like me, you’d rather have a seat in a less intense setting or perhaps be able to have a conversation with your date without interrupting an act, then there are smaller rooms available as well as a small menu of food.

Piano Works


  • What: Live Music Bar
  • Where: Farringdon
  • When: All year round
  • How Much? £9+ for a cocktail, normal drinks prices for London!
  • Website Here

This Victorian listed venue is a lot more immersive than other music venues I’ve been to.

The concept is simple: 2 pianists accompanying a singer, performing songs requested from you, the audience. Open to Monday to Saturday, is open for food, drink, brunch and and dancing to your heart’s content.

If you’re up for a sophisticated evening that rolls into a party then try this one out!



  • What: German themed bar
  • Where: London Bridge
  • When: All year round
  • How Much? £5+ for a Stein of beer
  • Website Here

Now if you’re heading down to Katzenjammers, be prepared for a right old knees up!

Set over two floors, it is the basement level that really comes to life in the evening. With rows of long benches designed like a German Bierhall, you’ll forget where you are as you work your way through plenty of Steins and a good old German sausage.

But what about the music? Get ready for for some Oopah Oompah Stick is up your Jumpah! On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, you’ll be joined and entertained by a fabulous brass band, providing a hilarious atmosphere and playing a range of modern hits for you to (attempt to) sing along to.

Be warned though! No dancing on tables – the security won’t like it if you do.


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