And we’re off!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 21.08.17

So here we are.

2 years worth of fantasising and planning and after many-a-weepy goodbye we are sat on the plane at Heathrow (with heaps of time to spare of course), ready to fly to India.

What started with a drunken conversation in Borough Market in 2015 is finally a reality, and as predicted, it is only now that it’s starting to sink in.

We’ve spent the last few weeks saying goodbye to our nearest and dearest, drinking far too much and sounding like a broken record as we attempt to tell people about a trip that we really have no idea about.

And how does someone who hates change and being out of control or without a plan?

Well, pretty daunted to be honest! But while fear of the unknown is a big challenge, I’m pretty bloody excited as well! We’re actually going and I’m chuffed that we’ve had the balls to do it.

We touch down in Delhi tomorrow morning, so until next time, I’m going to enjoy our complimentary liquor and extra leg room (we got the front row – long may this luck last!)

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 20.37.12


Jess and Ed xx


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