The Bondi to Coogee Walk

…Or rather Coogee to Bondi in this case!

The Date Night Review does Sydney!

G’day mates! How’re you goin’?

It’s been a while but we’ve finally made it down under. To the land of Kangaroos, Koalas (although I have seen neither yet) and smashed avocado.

There were a few things we noticed fairly quickly after setting foot on Sydney soil. For instance, beachwear is acceptable no matter how close you are to the beach and perhaps the favourite combination of on-the-go snacks is coffee and banana bread – fine by me! 🤤

Another observation that appears to have engulfed the nation (or at least Sydney), is the rise of #FitFam. Vest tops and leggings are one of the most popular outfit of choice and a yoga mat slung over the shoulder seems to be this season’s most sought after fashion accessory.

In order to get to know our new city, we decided to take inspiration from our fit fellow Sydney siders and explore some of the beautiful coastline on our first day date – The Bondi to Coogee Walk (in reverse).


Now, it’s fair to say that it isn’t exactly a hidden gem of date ideas; there’s a whole website dedicated to the journey which claims to be the most beautiful coastal walk in Sydney:


But they have a point!

With the thought of a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the Bondi Icebergs Club (a story for another time) waiting for us at one end, we decided to start from Coogee and work our way north. Upon recommendation from the official website, I donned my trainers and prepared myself for a challenging walk but in reality the route is straight forward, flat and just made my feet kinda sweaty.


Depending on your speed and how many pictures you take or beaches you pause at, it could probably take you just over an hour to get from start to finish. However, I challenge you to resist the urge to practice your photography skills when you see those turquoise waters and sexy rock formations lining the cliffs…


Over the course of your romantic stroll, you’ll come across some gorgeous beaches like

  • Coogee Beach
  • Clovelly Beach
  • Bronte Beach
  • Tamarama Beach
  • Bondi Beach

But also some other picnic perfect spots like Gordon’s Bay and Bronte Park, as well as some fantastic people watching places like the surfers at Bondi or the swimmers braving the currents of Clovelly ocean pool.


As well as appreciating the beauty of mother nature, you’ll find a number of interesting sculptures and touching memorials along the way, including the historic Waverley Cemetery. Normally the path would take you along the front of this huge spectacle but as storms in 2016 damaged this part of the route, you’re currently diverted through the centre of it. While a trip to a graveyard wouldn’t normally be high on your date night agenda, the backdrop of the sea and the detailed white marble tombstones are strangely beautiful, and certainly make for a talking point at least!



And if walking along 6km of coastline wasn’t enough exercise for you, you’ll find a number of outdoor gym equipment along the way to get your sweat on and if you fancy your hand at bowls, Clovelly Bowling club should satisfy your needs! That is if you’re not already on your surfboards because you’re far more Australian than us…


I’ve always maintained that dates where you amble along, chatting about the little things and simply enjoying the scenery and the presence of each other are some of the best, and the Bondi to Coogee walk certainly ticks those boxes, costing you no money at all!

Oh, and that glass of Sauvignon was the cherry atop the avocado on toast 👌

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