Holey Moley!

In a week where a man got knocked off his paddle board by a dolphin and an Australian library got closed because of a stinky fruit that smelled like “turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock“, there is even bigger news the celebrate…

Today marks the official 1 year anniversary of The Date Night Review!

celebrate dance

I’m sure that you will agree that this is a truly momentous occasion and one that I’m sure will go down in blogging history!

I’d like to thank YOU, my loyal 66-and-counting-followers for the love, support and occasional trolling you’ve given me over the last 365 days. Even on the darkest hangover days, you’ve inspired me to get up and get out there. To spend money I can’t afford and have a bloody great time, just so I can write about it later and make happy memories and stuff.

To commemorate this special day, allow me to bring to you a pun-tastic review of one of our latest date nights…

Holey Moley Golf Club

holey moley logo

What: Urban Crazy Golf

Where: Multiple locations across Australia / Newtown and Darlinghurst (soon) in Sydney

When: 12pm – 12am (Mon – Friday) / 10am – 12am (Weekends)

How Much: 9 holes – $16.50 / 18 holes – $33 / Karaoke – $100 per room


There are a number of urban crazy golf venues (as they’re known) in London and if I’m honest, I’d never really had a driving ambition to visit them. Being a highly competitive person, mini golf just seemed like a recipe for disaster – a really nice way to get super frustrated and disappointed in myself.

However, with a name like Holey Moley, I was willing to putt my previous assumptions behind me and give it a go.

holey moley drinks

Set among the many ‘Op Shops’ of edgy Newtown, Holey Moley is, as you might have guessed, a bar with an 18 hole course in it set across 2 floors. That’s right – your favourite childhood holiday activity just got combined with cocktails and beer in the heart of the city. Your kidulting prayers have been answered!

Each of the holes has a different theme and the shape and aim of them vary to accommodate the layout of the venue. Instructions for how to complete the course are shown on a plaque, along with the humorous names of the courses – personal faves include ‘Baby’s Got Pac’ and ‘Smells Like Tee Spirit’. Hilarious.


In keeping with the urban vibe of the place, the venue has open brick walls adorned with fun neon signs with slogans such as ‘Who’s your caddy?’. Genius.

As it was my night to ‘host’ the date, I paid for our game while Ed paid for drinks. This seemed a like a fair way to divvy up the costs of the evening and for the 18 holes we opted for, $33 (approx £18) didn’t seem too bad!

score card

After collecting our score cards, golf clubs and balls, we began the course which started downstairs and after a ironing out a few issues with my positioning, we quickly got into the swing of things. 

While I started off well, Ed quickly took the lead with multiple holes-in-one, his confidence quickly mounting until I’m sure he thought he had an uncaddy resemblance to an international golfer.

holey moley The date night review

Towards the end of the 9 holes, I started to make a tee-rific come back. I was at optimum drink level, ‘Shut Ya Trap’ the mousetrap themed hole had gone okay and I was ready to take on the GOT themed finale, to claim my place upon ‘The 9-Iron Throne”…

iron throne

Until I missed and bunkered my chances of catching up.


I must admit, by this point I really did have a chipper my shoulder and Ed’s smugness was really starting to drive a wedge between us. Nevertheless, I thought that his clammy hands would soon work against him to worsen his grip on the shaft for the next round upstairs…

I was wrong. Ed won.

Of course, I graciously congratulated him and didn’t even mention the advantage he had from playing more golf than me. Personally, I think it took a lot of balls for me to keep the sore loser inside of me in the rough and avoid throwing a strop like this:

sore loser

No but seriously, I did actually have loads of fun. It was the best crazy golf course I’ve ever done, par none! Even though I struggled to navigate around the holes, I still appreciated how cleverly the were put together and definitely think we made the right choice in doing the whole course.

It being a Friday night, there were lots of other par-tees there which rather slowed us down in places while we waiting for them to move onto the next hole, but we were perfectly happy drinking. We actually agreed that while the venue was a great place to take a bird(ie) on a date, having more people in your group would probably stretch out the joys of the games!


Tip: Turn up early to avoid the crowds, especially if you haven’t made a booking like us!

And if 18 holes isn’t enough for you (ya filthy animal) some of Holey Moley’s venues also cater for Karaoke! You won’t be walking after that…(sorry, bad taste).


So there you have it! One HOLE year of The Date Night Review. Six countries ticked off, nearly 40 posts published and oodles of fun had.

Thanks for keeping up with our goings on – here’s to never ending date nights!




  1. That’s one way of celebrating the anniversary! I wonder you were sober enough to stand on a snooker table and putt at the same time as not being able to see in the dark!!


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