I’m a ‘Planner’. 

Admin of WhatsApp groups. Creator of polls. Master of Google Docs. 

Known for being the organised one in most friendship groups, I have spent the last three years of living in London, trying to make the most of what the capital has to offer. 

Nowadays, I’m on friendly ‘Morning, thanks’ terms with the Dalston Junction TimeOut guy on a Tuesday, on ‘hey, cheers’ terms with the Stylist guy on a Wednesday, and an avid reader of a gazillion and one newsletters a week for upcoming events and new venues across London. 

But what’s the use in all my obsessive research if I can’t share it with someone, and see the sheer delight on their faces when they realise how fantastic all my ideas are?! 

That is where date night comes in. 

Dating comes in all shapes and sizes. Daytime or nighttime, singletons or couples, friend or foe. Whether it’s the awkward first date, or the second ‘we’ve covered all topics of conversation so I need an activity date’, or even the ‘reignite the spark’ dates, there are SO many fun things to do wherever you are! 

Because of how much choice there is, and my enjoyment for finding something different, I thought I might start sharing some of these experiences and recommending the best ways to impress your significant other(s). 

Welcome to The Date Night Review…