Immersive Dates

It's here! The most anticipated event of the year is upon us. A time of celebrations and endless love. Some call it the week of dreams, others call birthday week. That's right, JESSTIVAL 2017 started on Monday and takes us all the way through to the weekend where there'll ever so much drinking and … Continue reading Immersive Dates

ABQ London: A Breaking Bad Bar

Do you ever just think to yourself ‘Oo I’d really like some Crystal Meth right now?’  Maybe not.  But some Crystal Meth themed cocktails? That’s a different story.  It’s been nearly 10 years 😱  since Breaking Bad came out in 2008 and the world was introduced to the one who knocks. How? I don’t know. Must … Continue reading ABQ London: A Breaking Bad Bar

The Mad Hatter, Oxford: Review

In the words of Monty Python..."And now for something completely different" This is big. Like, really big. We ventured OUTSIDE of London for a date. That's right! People outside the capital like to go on dates to cool places too - who'da thought it? The Date Night Review spent some time discovering what Oxford has … Continue reading The Mad Hatter, Oxford: Review

Roof East Layout - The Date Night Review

Roof East: Review

IT'S FRIDAAAAAAAY! The sun is shining, the skies are blue and it's only another bloody bank holiday! But where shall I go to celebrate these exciting times I hear you ask? Well, as you gaze longingly at the clock, watching the little hand tick ever nearer to the number 5 (let's not talk about the … Continue reading Roof East: Review

Secret Cinema: Review – Spectacular, Spectacular!

....... No words in the vernacular Can describe this great event You'll be dumb with wonderment! If you were singing the above in your head rather than trying to work out why poetry has been introduced to The Date Night Review (although not a bad idea), then I think  KNOW that you'll love this date night - … Continue reading Secret Cinema: Review – Spectacular, Spectacular!

Our Fellow Artists - The Date Night Review

Indecent Exposure (Life Drawing: Review)

*WARNING: This blog contains adult themes and scenes of nudity* That got your attention didn't it, you dirty dogs! No - it wasn't me and yes - it was legal. This week, in true date night review fashion, one of my (single!) male housemates and I ventured out to try something that was a little bit different. A little … Continue reading Indecent Exposure (Life Drawing: Review)

The Summer Sport Edition

Ahh summertime. The best time of the year. Season of longer days, short shorts and delightful pub gardens (an obvious choice for a future blog). If there wasn’t already motivation to get fit for summer, there are also plenty of major sporting events happening throughout London to watch out for such as the Cricket, Royal … Continue reading The Summer Sport Edition