Immersive Dates

It's here! The most anticipated event of the year is upon us. A time of celebrations and endless love. Some call it the week of dreams, others call birthday week. That's right, JESSTIVAL 2017 started on Monday and takes us all the way through to the weekend where there'll ever so much drinking and … Continue reading Immersive Dates

Our Fellow Artists - The Date Night Review

Indecent Exposure (Life Drawing: Review)

*WARNING: This blog contains adult themes and scenes of nudity* That got your attention didn't it, you dirty dogs! NoΒ - it wasn't me and yes - it was legal. This week, inΒ trueΒ date night review fashion, one of my (single!) maleΒ housemates and I ventured out to try something that was a little bit different. A little … Continue reading Indecent Exposure (Life Drawing: Review)