48 Hours in The Golden City

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnEsNKQoUJ8   If, like us, the sole reason you’ve gone to Jaisalmer is for a camel trek in the desert then chances are that you’ll only be planning to stay for a short amount of time (unless you’re more hardcore and are trekking for more than 24 hours!). With this in mind, here’s a 48 … Continue reading 48 Hours in The Golden City

The Ivy, Tower Bridge

Here it is! Part two to the Tower Bridge double whammy. A glass of wine down (and counting) too so who knows how this will go! So, once our brains were full of historical knowledge and an understanding of bridge building, our date continued. However, by this point the heavens had opened - it was … Continue reading The Ivy, Tower Bridge

Secret Cinema: Review – Spectacular, Spectacular!

....... No words in the vernacular Can describe this great event You'll be dumb with wonderment! If you were singing the above in your head rather than trying to work out why poetry has been introduced to The Date Night Review (although not a bad idea), then I think  KNOW that you'll love this date night - … Continue reading Secret Cinema: Review – Spectacular, Spectacular!